Boost Your Billings (While Beating Burnout)
A Recruiter’s Blueprint for Higher Billings & Job Satisfaction

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Are you willing to settle for a frustrating career in the slow lane…

…Or do you want to take things up a gear?

Too many recruitment agencies rely on outdated KPIs and have cultures based on bosses breathing down your neck. Which leaves even the most tenacious, dedicated recruiters feeling burned out.

When this happens, your clients and candidates suffer because you don’t have the time or headspace to nurture relationships. Your personal life suffers because the lines between work and home begin to blur. And your earnings suffer because you’re held back by ineffective systems and an unproductive culture.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. In this 10-minute read, we’ll show you how to change the way you think about targets, billings and your wider career as a recruiter. We’ll show you how to create structures that help you flourish (rather than stifle you).

And we’ll look at how to build a career blueprint that boosts your billings – and commission.

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  • Why it’s time to ditch traditional KPIs 
  • The role data can play in taking your career to the next level 
  • How to maximise job satisfaction and work/life balance 
  • How to map out actionable steps to boost your earnings 

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The top IDEX biller did over £600,000 last year


100% of IDEX consultants
increased their billings since
joining the agency


How 20% of IDEX consultants
did over £200,000 last year

About IDEX consulting

IDEX Consulting is an innovative, independent recruitment and talent management consultancy specialising in the general insurance, financial services and legal sectors – and we’re the leader in these verticals. With over 300 clients across the UK, we focus on enhancing lives and businesses through a consultative approach to career and talent management.

As a consultant at IDEX, you’ll be part of an ambitious team who spend each day making a difference – not just posting meaningless numbers. You’ll benefit from a culture that helps take your career to the next level – and reminds you why you love being in recruitment.

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